"Thank you for supporting Vital Actions and allowing us to continue defending some of the most threatened places and animals on the planet."

-Tim Rusmisel, founder and current director of Vital Actions.

Vital Actions is a grassroots U.S. registered non-profit with campaign sites currently in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, and the United States. With your support we create programs and actions that yield real results toward liberation and conservation. Vital Actions is one of the most resource efficient organizations that you will find. This means that your donation dollars are very powerful.

Since 2012 our teams have removed over 9,000 sacks of plastic debris (roughly 120,000 kilos) from sensitive coastal habitats. In the past 2.5 years we have released over 35,000 hatchlings from 3 endangered sea turtle species. We provide healthy, vegan food and other ongoing support to communities in need. We have strategically planted 100s of endangered hardwood trees. We have enacted 100s of hours of anti-poaching and anti-illegal logging patrols in vulnerable nature reserves. We have enacted environmental education and outreach programs. The list goes on...

In 2016 we established Vivero Escameca, a sea turtle and habitat conservation project in remote Southern Nicaragua. To date, this project has protected over 40,000 sea turtle eggs from perishing in the illegal poaching trade. The vivero has hatched and released over 50,000 hatchlings from 3 different species of endangered turtle. The program has also created local job opportunities as well as a financial reward system that allows the illegal egg collectors to "switch sides" and become conservation activists. 

In, 2017 Vital Actions successfully continued sea turtle defense efforts at Vivero Escameca, removed over 10,000 kilos of plastic debris from habitats, continued habitat defense patrols and habitat rehabilitation, continued vegan meal share, began construction of a action center in Nicaragua, and more.

So far, in 2018 Vital Actions is again continuing successful sea turtle defense efforts and Vivero Escameca is having a record setting year. To date, more than 200 sea turtle nests from 4 species have been protected or recovered from the illegal food trade. We are also developing a comprehensive plan to establish a large nature reserve and wildlife migration corridor in southern Nicaragua and reforestation has begun inside the permanently protected 80 acres of the Collado Reserve. Food share, habitat restoration, and education efforts continue as well. We have just launched a temporary day labor project to offer paid conservation and social justice work inside of local communities during the current downswing in the Nicaraguan economy that will help over 60 people to secure weekly basic food needs.

We are not going to slow down. There is much more to come...

With your support our action will make a difference!


The results of our work at Vivero Escameca, Nicaragua are adorable!

The results of our work at Vivero Escameca, Nicaragua are adorable!