- established 2016

- operating 12 months a year

- supporting 4 species (Olive Ridley, Green, Hawksbill, Leatherback)

- conflict free, local community inclusive model

- successfully protecting 95% of sea turtle nests on Playa Escameca Grande, Nicaragua



One of the oldest types of animals on the planet, there are 7 species of sea turtles and they play important roles in the ocean and coastal ecosystems. 6 of the species are listed as highly endangered and 1 is listed as threatened. They are extremely vulnerable to impacts such as rising temperatures, pollution, fishing, habitat encroachment and commercial use. Humans almost put sea turtles into extinction a few decades ago. 


Turning it around.

Years ago biologists developed an effective model of relocating, protecting, and hatching nests. Vital Actions uses this scientific model for Vivero Escameca. In Central America there is a very active illegal food trade for the sea turtle eggs. Although it is illegal there is generally no enforcement and no active protection outside of grassroots efforts like ours. It is very common for every single egg to be taken off of the beaches and sold into the food trade. This has devastating impacts on sea turtle populations and would surely put them into extinction if there were no efforts to intervene. 

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Direct action saves lives.

Our sea turtle defenders have saved more than 40,000 sea turtle eggs from the illegal food trade!